Friday, March 03, 2006

NEWS: Multi-Pronged Disaster Hits Caprivi Villagers Namibia: Multi-Pronged Disaster Hits Caprivi Villagers:
Thousands of flood-affected villagers in the Caprivi Region have to endure the seasonal headache of malaria-bearing mosquito - breeding in pools of rainwater - while simultaneously having to tackle problems caused by herds of roving wild animals.
The Regional Councillor for Linyanti Constituency, Dorothy Kabula says people are starting to starve because of the combined effects of the floods and the crop being damaged by the wild animals. She says only villagers living in and around gazetted conservancies receive some compensation for their troubles, while those resident in areas not located in such conservancies are excluded by the compensation scheme.
This is happening in one of the areas we have visited. Our experience led us to be big supporters of the Communal Conservancies, as a tool for "social upliftment." Here's another great example of their benefit.

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Jim Riley said...

Awesome blog! A friend of mine went with Vaughan on safari last summer and has already booked for 2007. I'm considering going in 2007 as well and am saving money as fast as I can. It seems like y'all had a great time. I like the photography.

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Becky McCray said...

Jim, thank you for coming by and for taking time to comment. I especially appreciate the photo compliment from a pro! I enjoyed your sites, too.

Our trips with Vaughan have been tremendous, amazing events. We are booked back for this year. If you do choose Classic Safaris, I hope you'll bring back some terrific pics we can use over on Vaughan's "real" site.

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