Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NEWS: Air Namibia changing planes

Air Namibia Puts Hope in Airbus
New Era (Windhoek)
April 25, 2006
Edgar Hälbich

The first Airbus A340/300 started flying the Windhoek-London route in December 2005, while a second aircraft of the same type is expected to start serving the connection between Windhoek and Frankfurt as from September this year.
It was unlikely that Air Namibia would ever operate a plane larger than the A340. "The A380 has never been on our mind," Hijarunguru said. "Namibia simply doesn't have the passenger volumes to make it a profitable aircraft for us."

According to Jerome Martin, Airbus's marketing analyst for the A330, A340 and A350 families of aircraft, Namibia would never regret exchanging the Boeing 747/400 Combi for the A340/300. In terms of volume, space, safety and fuel consumption, the A340 was far ahead of its competitors.

Airbus Marketing Director Stuart Mann was bold enough in stating that he couldn't think of a single aspect where Airbus was lagging behind its main rival from Seattle.

"Boeing have not developed their aircraft in more than two decades, and they are paying for it now." Just recently, Airbus surpassed Boeing in terms of orders and sales.

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